In order to meet the customization needs of more cycling enthusiasts and wholesale customers, we have added a new painting production line 2023 year .

The advantages are as follows :
1-Every workers in this team has more than ten years of work experience. Every step is purely handcrafted, truly achieving the quality of ingenuity.

2-Customers can design their own dream bike according to their preferences and needs. This custom livery is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also adds to the uniqueness of the vehicle .

3-Faster delivery speed allows you to see photos of your dream bike within 2-3 weeks.

How to make a customized order ?

01  Touch base with us


Contact with us,let us know your thinking about your dream bike .

Which model , which size ,which color&logo ?

02 Designer drawing the graphics

2-3 days
Our professional design team will drawing the graphics base on your requirements .

03 Confirm which color for paint

You can choose the color for paint and decal logos on frames , rims , stems ,seat post,forks,water bottle cages .

04 Confirm the logo sizes

2-3 Weeks

After confirm logo sizes and files , we will start for produce decal's sticker .Then you will see photos of your dream bike within 2-3 weeks.

Main Process


Use masking tape to cover the areas of the frame that woun't be painted to prevent overspary.


Clean the surface of the frame to remove all dust ,grease to prepare it for painting .

Apply base coat

Sapray the frame with a base coat , and provide a uniform base for painting .

Apply top coat

Spray the frame with the top coat to achieve the desired color and glossy .

Apply decals

Apply branding ,model names ,or other identification to the frame .


Place the frame in an oven to heat and dry ,making them more durable .

Apply surface paint

Apply glossy paint or matte treatment to the frame's surface as desired for a special visual effect .


After the final inspection , assemble the all cables and bolts on the frame ready for shipment .

Full Process for Paint

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